An inspirational lesson from
our history

Our values


Authentically Italian

Grown in the tradition of Italian “casari” (the ancient Northern Italy dairy-men who delivered milk and cheeses in the local farm markets) we are proud to epitomize the Italian cheese expertise in the World.

Since our foundation in 1882, we have always wanted to make, and offer “high-quality Italian cheeses” all over the world.


Superior care

We pursue the best quality in everything we do, from the selection of raw materials to the finished products on your table.

Our quality is testified and recognized all over the world. We have always used only the best milk and have standardized the industrial process to obtain the constantly high quality of our products. We have always been very careful with every step of our manufacturing process. Galbani’s specialties always deliver great organoleptic and tasting performances.


Pioneers, forever

Attentive, innovative, creative, visionary: that’s how we face the future! We constantly listen to our customers’ needs and desires. We have always been engaged in both creating new products and improving our traditional ones.

We have been using outstanding creative and technical skills in packaging, to better store and preserve our products.

We have been pioneers in advertising and marketing, too, to promote our range of cheeses and make them known worldwide.


Everyone deserves good cheeses

We aim to produce high-quality Italian cheeses that are accessible to everybody.

Our mission has always been to offer excellent, delicious, and affordable cheeses: high quality at the right price.

We made it possible for a lot of customers, in Italy and worldwide: we are happy that everyone can enjoy Galbani’s delicious products!


Egidio Galbani’s vision is still alive

After more than 130 years, the vision and the values of the founder of Galbani are still inspiring us. The “taste of dolce vita” that is at the heart of Galbani style, is spreading from our company to the world.

We are proud that our five specialties are more and more appreciated worldwide, giving to our customers not only something delicious to taste but also a portion of a positive, enjoyable, lively, genuine “Italian way of living”.